May 14 - In collaboration with DSM Dyneema, Norway-based Load Solutions will officially launch its innovative lightweight synthetic Tycan chain at the Breakbulk Europe exhibition in Antwerp next week.

Having been available on the market since January 2015, Load Solutions said that it is already seeing sizeable new orders and reorders from initial customers.

Tycan chain is a non-metallic link chain made with Dyneema fibre, which has been developed to replace the steel chains traditionally used to lash and secure project cargo during transportation. Dyneema is a patent-protected ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibre made by DSM Dyneema.

"The overwhelming interest, commercial trials and repetitive commercial orders from leading European and American companies in industries including heavy haulage, oil and gas, and fishery, are proof of Tycan's amazing end user benefits," claimed DSM Dyneema global marketing manager Daniel Taylor.

Tycan chains weigh up to eight times less than their conventional metal counterparts and are more than 50 times less noisy in use, says Load Solutions, adding that Tycan chain significantlt reduces deadweight meaning trucks can safely carry more cargo while remaining within insurable limits. 

Alex Rock, manager of marketing and sales at Load Solutions, added: "There is a major cost benefit for painted surface and sensitive cargo. Using Tycan chain to lash this type of cargo eliminates the dents and scratches often caused by lashing with steel chains, and can very significantly lower the cost burden of damage claims borne by shipping companies 

"And, unlike steel chains, which are phenomenally noisy when dropped and can cause damage when dragged across decks, Tycan chain is far quieter in use, enabling better communication and promoting safer and more user-friendly working conditions."