February 16 - In the early weeks of 2015, there was a minor miracle in scheduling on peak-time television in the UK; an intelligent report on the transport of a massive towhead on multi-axle tailers through the centre of the Scottish town of Wick to Subse

The report, on The One Show, gave viewers an idea of the detailed advance planning, remarkable skills and expertise, and the precision involved in squeezing such a load, inch by inch, through ordinary streets and around tricky corners.

The transport of the 180-tonne towhead was undertaken by Warwickshire based heavy haulage company Allelys.

UK readers can view the report on the BBC iPlayer here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b050b19g/the-one-show-28012015

In the next issue of HLPFI magazine (March/April 2015), regular correspondent Felicity Landon delves further into the complexities and challenges of moving heavy and out-of-gauge cargo by road.


A still of the transport from the BBC's The One Show.