July 7 - The United Nations TIR Executive Board (TIRExB), in the framework of its 59th session, has called on the Russian government to lift current TIR restrictions and fully reinstate the TIR System on the whole territory of the Russian Federation witho

The TIRExB made this appeal following news of a last minute decision from the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation (FCS RF) to extend its guarantee agreement for the Russian TIR guaranteeing association, ASMAP, until November 30, 2014.

According to the TIRExB, it has taken note of the FCS RF's decision, but regrets that the FCS RF continues to implement measures that directly contradict the provisions of the TIR Convention and which have serious consequences for international road transport and trade as a whole.

You can read the full statement made by the UN TIREXB here: http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=35970