August 26 - Van der Vlist has transported a 97 m high wind turbine tower through its terminal in Moerdijk, in a series of complicated operations.

The tower was barged into the terminal in 26 separate concrete parts, with the largest of these measuring 4.85 m x 4.85 m x 3.87 m and weighing 39.5 tonnes, and the smallest measuring 3.16 m x 3.16 m x 3.87 m and weighing 27.7 tonnes.

Over a seven-day period, Van der Vlist's mobile crane lifted the items onto trucks for transport by road to the construction site at Neer, close to the German border.

A week after this delivery, Van der Vlist arranged for the transport of the wind turbine's 11-tonne blades, 35-tonne nacelle and 67-tonne generator from factories in Germany direct to the site.