June 8 - Van der Vlist has transported two 14.4-tonne metal rings, each with a diameter of 59.6 m, from southeastern Germany to Scunthorpe in the UK.

The first 6.1 m high industrial ring was loaded onto a tilt frame trailer for transport to Rotterdam. Using a tilt frame trailer meant that the width of the cargo was reduced by so much that no police escorts were required, said Van der Vlist.

The larger ring was disassembled into two pieces, each measuring 61.6 m x 30.8 m x 41 m, before being loaded and transported on a flatbed trailer.

At the port of Rotterdam, the rings were transshipped onto semi low loaders and driven onto a ro-ro vessel for shipment to the UK port of Immingham. On arrival in the UK, the cargo was transported by road to Scunthorpe accompanied by escorts.