August 15 - Vanguard has utilised its EZ 600-ton (544.3-tonne) capacity hydraulic lifting system for the salvage operation of a ship loader belonging to Bulk Connections at the Port of Durban, South Africa.

The 900-ton (816.5-tonne) ship loader, which was knocked off its rail mountings by a passing ship, was badly damaged on the shore side. 

After modifications to the ship loader, it weighed approximately 650 tons (590 tonnes). 

Vanguard subsequently used its hydraulic lift system, specially modified to reduce the potential side load; 22 Goldhofer self-propelled axle lines; two power packs, along with a 400-ton (363-tonne) capacity and a 250-ton (227-tonne) capacity crane to lift the ship loader into an upright position and relocate it approximately 150 m on to the quay side. 

The ship loader was then re-positioned on to its bogies, ready for repairs.