October 22 - Russia's fast-growing air cargo industry will play an increasingly important role in helping to develop a thriving economy as long as the country continues to develop its airport infrastructure to manage the growth in throughput, Volga-Dnepr

In a presentation to senior executives of Russia's leading businesses, he said strong sustainable growth will see Russia benefit from higher than average gains in export and import traffic as well as the development of a substantial multi-billion dollar domestic air cargo market. This will also stimulate the market for Russian-built cargo aircraft and bring new employment and growth opportunities for businesses involved in supplying components and other services to aircraft manufacturers.


In his report, Isaikin outlined the scope of Volga-Dnepr's presence in the global air cargo market, achieved through active use of AN-124-100 Ruslan and IL-76 maindeck aircraft, reinforcing the group's commitment to continue to increase its use of these aircraft. This is confirmed by an order for 40 new AN-124 and 20 new IL-76 aircraft that has been placed with United Aircraft Corporation of Russia (UAC).