January 6 - Wagenborg has been contracted to transport the Damen cutter suction dredger, Mangystau, from Nijkerk in the Netherlands to Bautino, Kazakhstan.

The dredger will be disassembled into 24 units for transport, including its main 138-tonne pontoon, several smaller pontoons, two spud holes, a cutter ladder with cutting unit and a number of 40 ft containers.

The transport, which begins this month, will first see the units delivered from Nijkerk to Rotterdam using river vessels and Wagenborg Nedlift trucks. At the Dutch port, the components will be loaded onto a Wagenborg Shipping vessel for delivery to the Russian port of St Petersburg.

From the Russian gateway, the dredger sections will be transported over 3,000 km by road to its final destination in Kazakhstan, where the dredger will be fully assembled.

Wagenborg explained that although this transport route seems complicated, it turned out to be the quickest and most efficient method, due to the fact that the Caspian Sea cannot be reached directly by vessels at this time of year.