April 28 - Wagenborg has transported a large hydraulic pile driving hammer, sleeve and associated materials from sites in Kinderdijk and Sliedrecht to Flushing in the Netherlands for IHC IQIP.

The hammer and sleeve, together weighing 540 tonnes and measuring 25 m high and 6.6 m in diameter, had to be transported in a vertical position, which Wagenborg explained proved quite a challenge.

The heavy parts were first transported to a nearby quayside using a 13-axle modular trailer and 7-axle low loader, before being lifted onto a 60 m long pontoon using the two Bonn & Mees floating sheerlegs Matador 3 and Matador 2.

As well as the heavy cargo, Wagenborg also took care of the loading of additional equipment, including power packs, containers and hoses, with the help of several mobile cranes ranging in lifting capacity from 130 to 400 tonnes.

Once all of the cargo had been loaded, the pontoon was towed to Flushing by Wagenborg's two tugs, Waterlelie and Waterpoort.

IHC IQIP regularly uses the logistics services of Royal Wagenborg for transporting its heavy piling hammers.