June 22 - Wagenborg has transported a pile gripper tool from Middelburg in the Netherlands to Esbjerg, Denmark for installation on the wind turbine installation vessel Pacific Orca.

The pile gripper, which weighed 200 tonnes and measured 14 m wide by 32 m long, was first driven out of its construction hall and lifted onto prepositioned construction beams using a 400-tonne capacity and 250-tonne capacity mobile crane.

The entire unit was then loaded onto Wagenborg's vessel Westborg using both a 700-tonne capacity and 500-tonne capacity crane. Once the pile gripper had been securely fastened, the vessel made its way from the Netherlands to the Danish port of Esbjerg.

On arrival in Esbjerg, the equipment was installed on Pacific Orca. The pile gripper tool is used to keep monopiles for wind turbines in the correct position, during installation in the sea, said Wagenborg.