February 6 - Wagenborg has transported three giant compressor units from Breda in the Netherlands to the UK's Bacton Gas Terminal, with the help of its partner Collett Transport.

With each of the units measuring 5 m high, Wagenborg explained that road transport to the UK destination was not feasible. Therefore, the company devised a multimodal transport solution.

Initially, each of the compressors were loaded one-by-one on to a five-axle semi low-loader and transported to the quayside in Breda, where Wagenborg had assembled its 200-tonne capacity mobile crane.



The compressors were then loaded by the crane onto a river vessel, before being shipped to the port of Rotterdam via inland waterway. At the Dutch gateway, a heavy port crane transhipped the cargo directly into Wagenborg's seagoing vessel Jade.

Upon arrival in Great Yarmouth, Wagenborg and Collett Transport worked together to transport the compressors in convoy to Bacton Gas Terminal. Once at the site, a 300-tonne capacity mobile crane was used to place the units on their foundations.