February 2 - Wagenborg has coordinated the transport of two giant LPG tanks from Belgium to the Netherlands, on behalf of Rotterdam-based Chemgas Shipping.

The tanks, which weighed 190 tonnes and 360 tonnes respectively, were transported from their manufacturing site in Willebroek, Belgium to a shipyard at the Winschoterdiep in the Netherlands, where Chemgas Shipping is building a coaster vessel.

In order to execute the transport, Wagenborg was required to prepare its barge in Delfzijl, before deploying two tugs - Waterpoort and Waterlelie - to tow the pontoon to Belgium.

Upon arrival in Willebroek, the tanks were rolled onto the barge and shipped to Groningen, where a 700-tonne capacity mobile crane and 300-tonne floating crane were mobilised to lift the tanks into the coaster, which had also been towed from the Winschoterdiep to Gronginen.

The floating crane Triton was used to load the smaller tank inside the vessel, while the heavier tank was lifted by the floating crane and mobile crane in a tandem lift.

Once the operation was complete, the coaster was returned to the shipyard in the Winschoterdiep.