Wallenius Wilhelmsen has installed a weather routing software solution across its fleet to reduce emissions and improve safety.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen said the roll out is part of its digitalisation journey and supports its sustainability goals.

The software, developed in partnership with weather service provider StormGeo, has the potential to predict fuel consumption and improve safety by using weather and ocean current models and forecasts to optimise a vessel’s route.

The technology enables updated route information and weather forecasts to be exchanged continuously between vessels and the meteorological operations centre, with all routing decisions then relayed back to the on-shore vessel operators through a map-based web application.

“The system can predict the speed loss from sea currents and wind and wave action throughout a voyage,” said Geir Fagerheim, senior vice president of marine operations at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

“For a given arrival time, it can estimate which route will involve the least energy consumption and corresponding emissions.”