July 9 - Wassermann Group has acquired two Scheuerle InterCombi vehicle combinations, enabling the company to expand its service portfolio, writes Isabel Freedman.

Its new vehicles are complete with frame decks for transporting cable reels weighing up to 100 tonnes. Cables can also be wound on and off the reels while on the vehicles, meaning loading and unloading can be completed without a crane, therefore lowering the cost of operations, said Scheuerle.

Additionally, all equipment required for cable installation, such as transformers or plant components, can be transported on the Scheuerle InterCombi. The design of the InterCombi platform trailers allows them to comfortably handle long-distance transportation on roads and challenging operating conditions, added the trailer manufacturer.

The vehicles also feature hydraulic pendulum axles which can be coupled in both longitudinal and transverse directions, with an axle load of 36 tonnes.