May 10 - Nine members of the WCA Projects network have recently completed a number of complex project moves worldwide.

Yatari Express, a WCA projects member in Taiwan, has coordinated the shipment of 10 packages, the heaviest two weighing 93 tonnes with dimensions of approximately 6 m x 3.6 m x 4 m, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Also located in Taiwan, UT Freight Service has moved an over-height project shipment comprising of a fuselage barrel and ball joint weighing 1.5 tonnes from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Hamburg, Germany.

Malta based MJK Transport has executed a project involving the movement of 30 risers with a total weight of 720 tonnes. The shipment was loaded onto company-owned extendable trailers using a 110-tonne capacity crane and delivered to the quay. A 220-tonne capacity crane was then used to load the equipment onto the supply boat.

In April this year, Paccon Logistics handled its first oil and gas related project in South Africa - the cargo comprised of 2,632 sq m of long drill risers, each measuring 23 m.

Slade Shipping also recently completed an air charter shipment involving moving four pieces of BOP (blow out preventer) controls used for drilling oil wells from Houston, USA to Sharjah, UAE.

These four controls had a total weight of 26.6 tonnes and volume of 86.7 cu m.

Meanwhile, Carriage Global Singapore (CGS) chartered the vessel Nordana Sky from Batangas, Philippines to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to carry a shipment with a volume of approximately 2,172 freight tonnes, for one of its regular clients.

At the beginning of this month, KGE Logistics completed a project involving the transportation of a mobile harbour crane from Xinxiang, Henan to Aktau in the Mangistau region of Kazakhstan. The cargo was delivered to the Khorgos border between China and Kazakhstan and the total transportation time was around 25-27 days.

Also this month, Malaysia based company Mory TNTE handled the movement of a transformer from China to Kelantan Site, Malaysia via Port Klang.

Finally, Egyptian Global Logistics has delivered a shipment of 68 pipes with a total weight of 43 tonnes to Port Said in Egypt as part of a new construction project at the Suez Canal container terminal.