October 5 - The Netherlands headquartered heavy transport provider Westdijk has acquired six new Faymonville semi-trailers over the course of the past 12 months.

The new trailers will be operated by Westdijk Sweden. An eight-axle MultiMax trailer with a double-extension was delivered during 2014. The trailer came equipped with pendle axles, and these flexible bearings compensate for ground unevenness with a stroke of +/- 600 mm, to ensure optimal contact with the ground.

Westdijk then ordered individual two, three and four-axle MegaMAX semi-trailers, which were also equipped with pendle axles.

Finally, Westdijk purchased another MultiMAX semi-trailer featuring Twin Axle II independent suspension. This system allows a maximum steering angle up to 57 degrees as well as a stroke of -70 mm / +245 mm. Narrow roundabouts or complicated turns are easier to overcome thanks to this technology, said Faymonville. The minimum loading height, which can be lowered to 780 mm, allows the transport of taller cargoes while adhering to permissible driving height laws.