International offshore energy suppliers Aker Solutions, DeepOcean Norway and Solstad Offshore have joined forces to create an offshore renewables alliance – Windstaller Alliance.


Windstaller Alliance will combine the capabilities and expertise of the three companies. This will form an integrated and highly flexible one-stop-shop provider. The alliance will be able to offer product deliveries, fabrication services as well as marine and subsea operations and associated engineering services within offshore renewables industries.

The Windstaller Alliance aims to cut the amount of supplier interfaces, thereby reducing technical and commercial project risk as well as execution time through better integration of services, project management and maritime asset utilisation.

“Today’s supply chain for the offshore renewables market is highly fragmented and, in our view, sub-optimal in terms of efficiency, cost, risk and environmental footprint.

“Windstaller Alliance is able to take an integrated approach where appropriate, while unlocking value for both operators and suppliers, at the same time reducing the total carbon footprint of offshore renewable projects,” said Guro Høyaas Løken, head of the Windstaller Alliance.

Windstaller has also outlined a commitment to reach a zero emissions target. Supporting this goal, Aker Solutions, DeepOcean and Solstad Offshore have all announced targets to cut emissions by 45-50 percent by 2030.