June 25 - WWL ALS has handled the shipment of a separator tank from Sheffield in the UK to Schiedam in the Netherlands.

The heavy lift transport specialist says that whilst this particular job, involving a module weighing 48 tonnes and measuring 13.2 m in length, 4.7 m wide and 4.75 m high, was relatively small, it faced difficult conditions on route.

Height restrictions on route to the port of Immingham meant the height of the vehicle configuration, which had a gross weight of 103 tonnes after it was loaded onto a 4-axle beam trailer with a jeep dolly, had to be kept as low as possible.
Maximum height restrictions in the Netherlands of 4.4 m saw the consignment move to a local heavy lift berth where the tank was transferred to a river barge for final delivery to Schiedam.

WWL ALS staff from Hull and Moerdijk organised all the route planning, permits and escorts door to door.