April 22 - Malaysian Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) network member CNC Freight Services recently arranged two charter flights using an AN-124 freighter out of Singapore to Turkmenistan.

Each freighter - operated by Russia based Ruslan International - was loaded with three winches weighing a total of 95 tonnes.
The heavy cargoes were precisely loaded into the aircraft cargo holds using a combination of external cranes and special ramps.
In addition to the winches, 150 tonnes of additional equipment was flown from Malaysia and Singapore to Turkmenistan onboard chartered Cargolux B747 freighters.
All of the equipment will be used in the installation of offshore oil platform facilities for the Diyarbakir oilfield development.
Upon arrival in Turkmenistan, WWPC member DGT Logistics handled the unloading and transportation of the cargo to the final jobsite, approximately 70 km from Turkmenbashy airport.