February 5 - XL Projects Network (XLP) members in China and Pakistan have been busy handling a number of complex project shipments.

City Union Logistics, an XLP member headquartered in Shanghai, coordinated the delivery of a 1,500 cu m vapour generator from Shanghai to Savannah in the USA, on behalf of British Petroleum (BP).

City Union chartered Rickmers Shanghai to complete the voyage to the US east coast. Upon arrival at Savannah, City Union transhipped the unit onto a deck barge and transported it upriver to a BP barge slip site. From there, hydraulic modular axles were used to receive the generator and deliver it to the BP job site.


Pakistan's XLP representative, Freight Connection, was selected by SES Engineering Works to deliver boiler equipment from Felixstowe in the UK to Lahore, Pakistan.

The scope of work involved picking up the cargo from the shipper's warehouse and taking it to the Port of Felixstowe. Freight Connection liaised with the necessary regulatory bodies to move this cargo by road and safely load it onto a vessel.

Freight Connection also made special arrangements for handling the consignment at the port of discharge, including Customs clearance, in order to load the cargo directly onto a lowbed trailer. The shipment comprised a wetback smoke boiler tube weighing 180 tonnes, a second wetback boiler weighing 200 tonnes, plus two tonnes of supporting machinery and parts.

Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics Development, an XLP member representing China, completed the transportation of a 14.7 m x 4.45 m x 4.6 m mill shell assembly to Harare in Zimbabwe.

Shanghai Ba-Shi ensured the cargo was safely loaded in Shanghai before it was shipped to the port of Durban in South Africa. After all Customs arrangements were completed, Shanghai Ba-Shi arranged the inland delivery of the cargo to the final jobsite in Harare.

XLP member in Beijing, WF Shipping, completed the delivery of an Alstom-made nuclear power plant rotor, plus supplementary equipment.

The equipment was delivered on a Chipolbrok vessel from Antwerp to the final project site. WF Shipping was tasked with chartering the vessel, import Customs clearance and inland transportation to the final jobsite.

The rotor measured 12.6 m x 4.2 m x 4.1 m and tipped the scales at 120 tonnes.