Croatia-headquartered Zagrebtrans has acquired an UltralightCombi trailer combination from Scheuerle, a subsidiary of the TII Group.

Zagrebtrans’ order includes four modules that can be configured into a 5+7 combination. In this set up, a slab deck featuring a loading length of 8 m is placed between the five front axles and seven axle lines on the rear platform.

This combination has a payload of approximately 120 tonnes, with a deadweight of 46.3 tonnes. 

According to Scheuerle, Zagrebtrans will use the equipment to transport large, but relatively light, components for the energy industry.

Scheuerle added that the slab deck can be used in combination with its FlatCombi transport platforms to move components, including wind turbine nacelles. Available equipment options that can be paired with the modules also include an excavator as well as wind tower adaptors.