February 1 - ZPMC-OTL Marine Contractor (ZOMC) says that its self-propelled single boom crane vessel, Zhen Hua 30, has successfully lifted 13,200 tonnes during testing.

The crane vessel, which ZOMC claims is the largest in the world, has undergone a series of lifting tests at ZPMC's Chanxiang base since the ship's final commissioning commenced.

The vessel was able to lift 7,700 tonnes in revolving mode and 13,200 tonnes in tie-back mode.

In addition to provider of classification services to the global marine industry, ABS, the testing was witnessed by several domestic and international clients, as well as Chinese and South Korean government officials, said ZOMC.

With successful completion of the lifting testing, the vessel will now begin testing its dynamic positioning (DP), failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) and mooring systems prior to handover.

ZOMC is a joint venture between ZPMC Offshore Services Group and OffshoreTech, which was formed in August 2015 to provide the oil and gas market with access to niche vessels and engineering for the execution of a broad range of offshore projects.

After successful completion of the lifting testing, the vessel will now commence testing for DP, FMEA, and the mooring system prior to handover.

The company says that it currently has a fleet of two heavy lift vessels, 23 transportation vessels, five sheerlegs, 18 tugs, 22 barges and three jack-up barges.