It has been a year since the article Varamar finds its niche in the West Coast shipping market was published in the West Coast BC Shipping News and a year since Varamar has expanded its service and philosophy in the North American market.

Although the business development of the company fell into one of the hardest years in the last decade, Varamar Shipping & Trading was able to become a self-sufficient office right from its launch, closing the P&L with an 8% profit. These results show the trust of the local shipping community to the comprehensive, tailor-made, and efficient solutions the company is providing in the industry.

The year 2019/2020 has been full of various commercial and technical projects, where Varamar Canada could show the full power of its services. Here are just some of them:

  • Delivery of a 2,000 km cable drum manufactured by Prysmian Group to Lirquien, unspooled directly to the cable laying vessel. Varamar has made use of its extensive experience in cable drum shipping and this is only one of the projects where our technical team, together with a most efficient vessel, has proven the high quality of their work. Moreover, this strategic cable system will greatly improve the national telecom and broadband infrastructure, while also connecting many underserved Chilean regions to a state-of-the-art, high-speed broadband fibre network;
  • Shipment of windmill equipment to Canadian east coast to a berth with 5 m draft, avoiding double handling in big ports. It has saved logistics costs for the customer making, the shipment cost-effective;
  • Shipment of steel produced by Acciaierie Di Sicilia to a Canadian LOA & draft restricted port. This delivery insured housing construction for the local community, helping ordinary people on the island;
  • Varamar was appointed a commercial booking agent of one of the major yacht carriers in the world, shipping up to 20 yachts per month to various destinations. Now we can say that we contributed greatly to social-distanced but still luxurious vacations in summer 2020;
  • On time delivery of an expensive and time-sensitive shipment to USG for an oil & gas company, etc.

Varamar Shipping & Trading has become an important part in America’s market and is planning further expansion in 2021/2022 with numerous projects on the books.