Çaba & Misnak took home the trophy in the Excellence in Engineering category for its work on a major project in Türkiye.

Excellence in Engineering - Winner - Caba Misnak

Our judges praised Çaba’s work on a major project in Türkiye, which involved delivering more than 130 out-of-gauge cargoes for a new petrochemical plant. The oversized cargoes passed through an urban area, requiring extensive engineering to navigate 10 overpassing bridges, three overhead bridges, three overhead pedestrian bridges, 67 overhead structures, 142 power transmission lines, and numerous items of street furniture.

The comprehensive submission demonstrated a multitude of disciplines, solutions, and overall engineering capability.

Competition was tough in this category, with strong entries from AAL Shipping, which highlighted how it designed over 120 customised handling transportation solutions in the past year, including 60 m cranes and 120 m wind turbine blades; Hareket, which showcased its role in the logistics for the subsonic wind tunnel project on behalf of Turkish Aerospace in Ankara; Mammoet, which developed a bespoke engineering solution to protect delicate coral reef while delivering overwater pod-shaped villas to the remote Sheybarah Island, off the coast of Saudi Arabia; Osprey’s static ro-ro solution for receiving Hinkley Point C’s reactor pressure vessels; and Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors’ installation of six massive prefabricated concrete water intakes as part of the cooling water system for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.