August 18 - Commenting on Boeing's recent World Air Cargo Forecast (WACF), Air Charter International has expressed its confidence that it is well-placed to capitalise on the projected tripling of world air cargo traffic over the next 20 years.

The report states that "world air cargo traffic will expand at an average annual rate of 5.8 percent for the next two decades, tripling current traffic levels. Markets connecting developing economies to established economies will either approximate or exceed the average world growth rate."

Companies in various industry sectors will be looking to penetrate these emerging markets, many of which are located in high-risk or remote areas, such as: Libya, the former Soviet Republics, the Arctic, Alaska, Africa and the Americas and will require a variety of logistical cargo project services and cargo air charters.

Logistical projects require global shipments with particular requirements, such as: heavy transports, outsized cargo, and cargo with time sensitive or security constraints to locations that are remote and difficult to access; will consequently contribute to the estimated growth in air cargo traffic.

Stuart Wheeler, CEO of Air Charter International says; "Sound planning is the backbone of every such project and with our extensive experience, Air Charter International, can source the ideal aircraft to fit the job in time critical situations, as well as overall supervision of loading and discharge operations."

He says that Air Charter International has experience in assisting governments and affiliated agencies with delivery of heavy lift goods and infrastructure components into crisis areas or reconstruction zones.

In mining, oil and gas sectors, industries that are directly influenced by the growth of developing countries, transportation of specialized chemicals and capital equipment (mining processing plants, rigs, pipelines, cooling towers and generators and spare parts) have been the main stay of Air Charter International's air logistics solutions.