April 13 - Edgar Gr

"We are extremely happy that the seafarers and the ship are back in safety and freedom," said Beluga, Group spokesman, Klaus-Karl Becker.

The joy at the end of the hostage situation was clouded, however, as crew members of the Beluga Nomination had died during the piracy. 

Grönda, as the spokesman for the provisional liquidator of several Beluga Group companies, thanked specifically the Beluga crisis team for their successful work in recent weeks. "The employees of the bargaining unit have at no time been distracted by the economic difficulties facing the company. The sustained efforts of the members of the negotiating group for the release of the crew and ship was rewarded today," said Grönda. 

Gronda said that as a forensic investigation into the piracy would now be taken by the appropriate authorities, no further details about the circumstances of today's liberation of Beluga Nomination would be forthcoming.