May 23 - Larry Coyne, ceo of Coyne Airways, told delegates at the 10th annual meeting of the Air Cargo Club (ACC) that carriers must embrace change in order to survive in a new airfreight landscape defined by emerging global brands, modal shift and growin

Cargo migrating to both surface transport and passenger planes has changed the economic of freighter operations, said Coyne at the ACC meeting in France. Passenger carriers are becoming bigger and more aggressive players in the long haul freight business, and ownership of large freighters is becoming an unattractive proposition, he added.

Coyne referred to a recent survey by Seabury revealing that an estimated 15.2 million tonnes of airfreight had been lost to surface transport between 2000 and 2013 - equal to 11,000 B777 freighter flights a year.

He also suggested that with legacy carriers lining up to co-brand, having a small number of world brands will make life difficult for independent carriers "unless they have a special niche they can protect".