April 4 - Collett has transported three skid units, weighing 47 tonnes, 19 tonnes and 16 tonnes, from Rotherham to the Port of Immingham, UK.

Collett was appointed by Maloney Metalcraft to transport the cargoes 115 miles (185.07 km) by road to the port for onward transportation. With the smallest of the loads measuring 4.65 m in height and the largest measuring 5.2 m, Collett's project team undertook a route survey and gathered photographic evidence of any obstructions.

After liaising with various county councils, traffic lights, street signage, bollards, lamp posts and railings were removed or altered ahead of the actual transport operation, which included the removal or lifting of numerous overhead wires.

According to Collett, the convoy travelled with cable lifting teams to raise any overhead lines and utilised the hydraulic capabilities of the trailers, lowering the deck height and allowing for the load to safely clear each of the raised cables along the route.

Under police escort the convoy began its journey from Rotherham to Immingham, utilising a three axle modular trailer with extendable beams, a five axle extendable stepframe and the newly acquired Faymonville two axle MegaMAX.



As well as the two axle MegaMAX, Collett has acquired a Faymonville three axle MultiMAX. The three axle MultiMAX is capable of transporting construction machinery, wind turbine components, industrial parts, rail vehicles and lengthy cargoes. In its closed state the trailer is 13.5 m long, but can be extended to a length of 27 m. It features a technical carrying capacity of up to 52 tonnes, hydraulic axles and knuckle steering.

While the two axle MegaMAX has a 40-tonne carrying capacity, a low loading height, and hydraulic stub axles which allows the steering angle to be altered up to 45 degrees. According to Collett, in its closed state the trailer bed is 6.65 m in length but can be extended to 12.2 m to accommodate longer cargoes.