Freight forwarder DB Schenker is planning to restructure in order to “simplify” and “reduce administration costs”, according to HLPFI’s sister publication DVZ.


Image source: DB Schenker

Following up on reports in the Loadstar, sources confirmed to the German publication that the move would streamline management at individual country level, replacing them with clusters made up of several countries.

“We want to simplify our organisation, reduce administration costs and optimise internal processes,” according to a DB Schenker spokesperson.

The spokesperson told DVZ: “We will reposition ourselves in 2023. In order to achieve clearer responsibilities and faster decisions, we want to simplify our organisation, reduce administrative costs and optimise internal processes.”

This includes a streamlining of the administrative structures, in the course of which positions would be eliminated or reporting lines would change, DVZ said.

“In this new organisation, everyone who had a task will continue to have a task,”  the spokesperson added.

The restructuring will place greater emphasis on clusters, each of which will be assigned several countries. At the same time, the management level on a country basis is to be largely abolished.

So-called general sales (field sales) are to be integrated into sea, air, land and contract logistics and report to respective product managers.

Large customers, who usually have requirements for different products, are then looked after by the sales department of the respective cluster.