deugro (USA) has entered into an exclusive usage agreement for a 16-axle railcar.

With a loading deck of 12.19 m, the railcar will be used to move heavy transformers, turbines, generators and other over-dimensional cargoes in North America. 

The first project using the 16-axle railcar is already signed and will be executed in May of this year. 

Due to the ageing power supply infrastructure in the USA and an increasing amount of wind energy projects, deugro expects demand for heavy rail transportation to grow in the years to come.

“deugro’s dedicated specialised transport division, located in Houston, Texas, has successfully executed dimensional rail movements since 2015 with a noticeable recent increase in activity,” said Drew Roberts, senior manager of the division. “This is the logical next step to combine our experience and capability with our own equipment. Having the railcar at our disposal allows us to have more flexibility to better meet our client’s needs and allows us to be able to offer a full rail package from a single source.”