August 11 - EMS Albanian Port Operator (APO) has celebrated the first anniversary of its active service.

EMS APO, which is part of the German EMS-Fehn-Group, has operated the East Terminal of the port of Durres since July 2013.

According to Manfred Müller, ceo of EMS-Fehn-Group, the company has invested EUR7 million (USD9.37 million) in its first year, mostly into the improvement of storage areas, roads and cranes, and has other investments planned for the next few years.

Jens-Uwe Ströber, branch manager of EMS APO, explained how the company works together with Kurum Steelworks in Elbasan: "Instead of road transport we use the railway to bring scrap metal from our terminal to Elbasan and on the return trip, the train brings steel from Elbasan to EMS APO where it is loaded into ships for export."



From left to right: Jens-Uwe Ströber; the German Ambassador in Albania, Hellmut Hoffman; and his wife.