April 4 - Barloworld Logistics (BWL) Middle East & Asia has sold a recently created entity Swift Freight LLC to the former ceo of Swift Freight International LLC, three years after it acquired the latter company along with its branch network in Africa and

HLPFI understands that Warren Erfmann acquired 100 percent of Swift Freight's global operations last month, as well as the brand name.

According to a Barloworld spokesman, Barloworld Logistics - a South African company - undertook the original acquisition to be on world's biggest trade lane from the Far East to Europe, but knew that not all the Swift Freight network and type of businesses had synergies with Barloworld Logistics' supply chain expertise, especially Swift Freight's African trade which had no fit into the Barloworld Logistics supply chain offerings.

The spokesman said that instead of closing the business and making some 330 people redundant, Barloworld Logistics created a company called Swift Freight LLC and sold it to Mr Erfmann, as well as the Swift Freight brand name.

More information about Swift Freight can be seen here: http://www.swiftfreight.com/index.htm