The ESTA Awards of Excellence 2021 had another successful year recognising the achievements of its members during an online ceremony held on April 22.

Mammoet Europe won the first award of the event – combined techniques – for the removal of three steam generators and a pressuriser as part of a nuclear power station decommissioning project in Germany. Mammoet Europe also scooped up the crane award for telescopic lifting capacity greater than 120 tonnes for its installation of a steel bridge structure.

Mammoet Europe was also awarded the innovation end user award for the development the Focus 30 crane – a 2,500-tonne capacity crane for projects with complex infrastructure and space limitations.

The transport award for trailer and load under 120 tonnes was awarded to Laso Transportes for transporting twelve 67 m-long wind turbine blades through the island of Madeira.

Meanwhile, Liebherr took home two of the awards: the safety award for its WindSpeed load charts function, and the innovation manufacturer award for its 220-tonne capacity LR 1200.1 unplugged and 250-tonne capacity LR1250.1 unplugged battery-powered crawler cranes.

For its use of electric compact cranes in a tandem lift, Wagenborg Nedlift won the crane award for telescopic lifting capacity up to 120 tonnes. Wagenborg Nedlift also took home the trophy in the SPMT category for its use of 12 axle lines of SPMTs to move a 650-tonne block measuring 22 m x 16 m x 14 m.

Viktor Baumann took home the trophy in the trailer and load over 120 tonnes category for the transport of a heat exchanger.

The lattice boom crane award went to Sarens for the use of its 5,000-tonne capacity SGC-250 to lift a steel band at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in the UK.