November 3 - Members of the European Consortium of Aeroscraft Operations (ECAO) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) defining an independent study concerning the Aeroscraft.

The general aim of the study is to predicatively analyse the fields of application for this new cargo and commercial airship, humanitarian response applications, and the operational role of this new aircraft in the international air traffic and cargo logistics systems in and surrounding the European Union.

Members of the ECAO include LNC, AIBC and IPL.

The study will not only investigate the economic and environmental benefits to European society but also trends in logistics, and potential impacts on redistribution of manufacturing.

Experts will examine the? regulatory and operational framework in ?Europe, study supply chain integration and ?usage in various humanitarian aid and relief ?operations. Aside from attempting to ?quantify the emissions, noise and other ?environmental advantages, researches will? conduct cost analysis, evaluate promising ?applications for economic development and commercial value creation, and potential infrastructure cost savings.

The Aeroscraft will be explored as a solution for niche and specialty oversized project cargo, as an 'air bridge' for dedicated Customs clearance, within modular-based civil engineering/construction, fire containment, and as a mass freight transport concept supporting e-commerce and package delivery, among other areas of potential value creation.

The study will be finished at the beginning of 2016.