December 9 - The German government through its implementing agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Logistics Hub Project from the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) are partnering to implement the latter's Logistic

The project's detailed operational plan with set focal areas will commence in 2017. GIZ technical advisor, Michael Engelskirchen, explains that Namibia's roads are crucial to the tourism, mining and transport sector of the country and as such cater for a huge portion of its economic growth.

"German Cooperation is actively supporting the country since its independence, we are happy to continue to be a part of the country's development. While this task is ambitious, we are motivated by the impact this project will have," he states.
Through aligning their activities to agree on the division of tasks and support, the partnership has already taken its first step toward what will later become the full implementation of the Logistics Master Plan.

According to Mr Engelskirchen, the development of marketing strategies to promote the country as the logistics hub for the region to attract customers and international investors is one of the pillars agreed upon with the Logistics Hub Project. Other pillars within the project involve capacity development and institutional support in setting up the implementation unit.
WBCG's logistics hub manager, Clive Smith echoes these sentiments. "The focus is on supporting the implementation of the Logistics Master Plan to the extent of an effective and resource efficient road and transportation sector. Partnering with GIZ to achieve the country's transport goals stipulated in the National Development Plan (NDP4), not only leans toward the full implementation of the Logistics Hub Project, but also significantly contributes towards transforming the country into the logistics heart of the region".

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group is a public-private partnership established to promote the utilisation of the Walvis Bay Corridors, which is a network of transport corridors principally comprising the Port of Walvis Bay, the Trans-Kalahari Corridor, the Trans-Caprivi Corridor, the Trans-Cunene Corridor, and the Trans-Oranje Corridor.