August 19 - Kahl Schwerlast has used Goldhofer's PST/SL-E heavy-duty modules to help relocate a 630-tonne gantry crane in Duisburg, Germany.

The relocation of the huge gantry crane was required for the Duisburg harbour upgrade project, which involves and increase in container handling capacity from one million standard containers to about five million by the beginning of next year.

The crane, which has the dimensions 139 m x 20 m x 18 m, originally stood parallel to the quayside, but needed to be turned through 90 degrees in order to create a waterside outreach of 15 m.

"Manoeuvring a crane of that size in such a tight space with almost centimetre precision is a tall order," said Tim Kruse of Kahl Schwerlast.

To complete the relocation, Kahl Schwerlast chose to use two six-axle and two four-axle self-propelled modules from the Goldhofer PST/SL-E series with hydrostatic drive, electronic multiway steering and a payload of 45-tonnes per axle line.

The two four-axle modules were also combined with conventional three-axle THP heavy-duty modules to further increase the payload.

"Manoeuvring so close to the quayside is always a little bit dangerous. So the six additional THP axles provided a margin of safety that permitted us to slightly reduce the axle load on the individual PST modules," said Kruse.

The crane was hydraulically raised 300 mm by the Goldhofer modules, before being rotated by 90 degrees, repositioned in five steps, and finally placed on girders in its new position, which involved eight heavy-duty cranes.

The relocation process required Duisburg harbour to be closed to shipping for a short period.