March 18 - Project Cargo Network (PCN) member Base spa, representing Italy, has handled a large project shipment at port Livorno.

A consignment of 335 crates, including five heavy items, was loaded on board the vessel Bremen destined for Umm Qasr, southern Iraq. In Livorno, the entire operation was handled by Base spa including goods inspection, operations management, loading and unloading and Customs formalities.
Tandem Global Logistics has been appointed as a PCN member representing Tunisia. Located in Megrine, close to Tunis, the company has extensive experience in project cargo movements - particularly for oil and gas clients. Pictured is a shipment of heavy machinery recently handled by Tandem Global Logistics.

In China, The Regency Express Co has joined the PCN forwarder network. The heavy lift and breakbulk specialist has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao and Shenzhen, employing approximately 200 staff.
Recently, The Regency Express handled the transportation of 128 heavy filter units from China, to destinations in Spain and Brazil. It is also involved in an ongoing project - shipping buses and coaches to Australia. The Regency Express shifts as many as 30 coaches per month to its clients down under.
Conxion Logistics and Heavy Equipment, a PCN network member representing Qatar has been awarded an appreciation certificate by Qatar Fuel Additives (QAFAC) - a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum.
Conxion has a three-year contract with QAFAC that includes heavy equipment handling services, material handling, container movements, and Customs clearance services. So far, Conxion Logistics has achieved over 5 million work hours without a lost time accident.