July 18 - ICHCA International has appointed Jan Boermans of DP World and Bill Brassington of ETS Consulting as the new chair and deputy chair of its ISP technical panel.

Boermans and Brassington will head up ICHCA's expert technical panel on cargo handling safety and operational best practice.

As a core body within ICHCA, ISP brings together over 70 seasoned practitioners, legislators, consultants and other interested parties to review and develop safety and good operational practice in cargo handling worldwide.
The panel meets twice a year to discuss key industry challenges, share information and agree initiatives and positions on a wide range of issues. As well as authoring publications, guidelines and position statements, ISP plays a crucial role in ICHCA's NGO liaison and lobbying work at the IMO, ILO and other regulatory bodies.

The 72nd ISP meeting will be held in Liverpool, UK in November 2014, hosted by Peel Ports.