February 9 - Lambertsson Kran is taking delivery of a Grove GMK4100L-1 and Samson K-100 synthetic rope, which the Swedish company will use together.

Manitowoc and Samson claim that Lambertsson Kran will be the first company to pair the K-100 synthetic rope with an all-terrain crane.

According to Manitowoc, Lambertsson Kran chose the 100-tonne capacity GMK4100L-1 for its compact footprint and its 60 m reach boom. The crane's two hoists will each be fitted with K-100.

Samson claims its K-100 synthetic rope has lower maintenance requirements, more environmental benefits and greater ease of handling when reeving, which offers customers a greater potential to increase the return on their investment.

"The GMK4100L-1 is a compact crane and ideal for lifting jobs in the city, and in factories with tight working quarters," said Claes Jakobsson, region manager, Lambertsson Kran. "With K-100, we can reduce the weight of the crane and carry more counterweight, which will help us as we primarily use the Grove as a taxi crane performing lifts in the city of Malmö (Sweden). K-100 will also make it easier for the operator to reeve the rope on the jib and hook blocks."