Boris Lukic has been appointed ceo of M+R Spedag Group, succeeding Daniel Richner.

MR spedag group_ceo_m

Boris Lukic (centre-left) and Daniel Richner (centre-right).

Lukic joined the company as an apprentice in 1997 and – except for a short stint at another corporation – continued to work his way up the career ladder at M+R Spedag Group.

Richner said: “Boris is a doer who can convince customers and motivate employees with great dynamism, and incredible expertise”. After the sale of the East Africa organisation to Ceva Logistics, which he successfully managed in recent years, the path was cleared for Lukic to lead the East Asia organisation, which comprises 1,400 employees and over 50 locations.

Richner has transitioned to vice chairman of the board of directors. He has taken on the task of leading the company’s digitalisation strategies. He and his business partner have developed Customs clearance software that uses artificial intelligence to automate the Customs clearance process and make it more efficient. “Our solution, WeDeclare, can do a large part of the Customs clearance independently,” he explained.