Mammoet has entered into a strategic partnership with USA-based crane rental service Bay Crane Services.

Mammoet Kenneth Bernardo, Bay Crane Companies CEO, and Rick Bohne, Jr., Mammoet’s

Image source: Mammoet; L-R Kenneth Bernardo, Bay Crane Companies ceo; Rick Bohne, Jr., Mammoet’s USA & Mexico director of sales and marketing.

Having collaborated for 25 years, the partnership will focus on servicing the offshore wind energy requirements of the USA’s north-eastern region. Mammoet believes that its global reach, and Bay Crane’s local presence puts the partnership in an ideal position to support their clients in working towards sustainability targets.

Mammoet’s USA and Mexico director of sales and marketing, Rick Bohne Jr said: “Establishing this partnership meets our goal of bringing the best level of service to our client-partners. As a global player, we recognise the importance of leveraging like-minded local leaders in this industry to ensure every possible advantage, local and global, is available to serve our clients’ project needs”.

Kenneth Bernardo, ceo of Bay Crane, said: “We are excited to offer up our portfolio of both global and regional market experience to provide safe, efficient, and innovative solutions to the renewable energy industry in the USA.”