March 21 - MeteoGroup, a leading global weather business, has revealed a new logo and tagline "Empowering the world to master the weather" as part of its company rebrand.

The origins of MeteoGroup date back to 1986 with the founding of one of the world's first private weather companies in the Netherlands.  

Over the past 28 years MeteoGroup has grown into a leading full-service weather business with 400 employees, including 150 meteorologists, and customers around the globe.  

With operations in 15 countries, some of the company's subsidiaries have previously traded under different names. Henceforth, all are brought together under the global brand name, MeteoGroup.

The company says that the colour scheme for its new brand is inspired by weather maps and the concept for the distinctive new logo is based on the meeting of meteorological warm and cold fronts.  The typography developed specifically for MeteoGroup and the use of bold photographic imagery are also central to the company's new brand.

Jennie Campbell, chief executive officer commented: "MeteoGroup's new branding encapsulates our continued mission to push the boundaries in meteorological research and product development and to pioneer innovation in weather technology and visualisation. Our slogan and brand values support our goal to provide world-leading weather solutions which optimise efficiency, minimise risk and support profitable decision making."