July 29 - MetOcean Solutions is set to launch its Ocean Motion Forecasts system - a product that delivers hour-by-hour predictions on how wave, current and weather conditions affect floating offshore facilities.

The predictions are calculated for a specific location and vessel; it will help offshore operators plan ahead to avoid possible disruptions caused by marine conditions and adverse weather, potentially avoiding operational delays and costly damage from unexpected conditions.

Dr. Peter McComb, managing director of MetOcean Solutions, says the effect of vessel roll motion on operations is a major challenge to the increasing number of floating facilities in the continental shelf and deepwater locations around the world. The information provided by Ocean Motion Forecasts will enable offshore companies to make informed operational decisions about their floating facilities: "For example, they might need to load important equipment over the next few days, and if the forecast predicts unsafe roll motions they could request tug assistance to reorient the vessel and mitigate the roll motion."

The new tool will be offered to oil and gas operators, as well as to the support industries in Western Australia in the last quarter of 2014.