October 7 - Nicolas has sold a K25 platform trailer combination from Scheuerle-Kamag to Ales, France based transport company Capelle.

As part of the TII Group, Nicolas does not only offer its own products but also heavy load transporters from its German sister companies, Scheuerle and Kamag, to its French customers.

Capelle has taken advantage of this option and expanded the capacity of its existing fleet of heavy load vehicles by investing for the first time in the German K25 modular product series.

"We wanted to diversify our vehicle fleet and enhance our transportation options," explained Jean-Daniel Capelle, managing director of the Capelle Groupe.

The K25 product series offers modules featuring from a 2-axle up to an 8-axle bogie unit with an axle load of 45 tonnes. The series also allows the combination with vehicles from other manufacturers.

Capelle put its new K25 axle lines to use for the first time in the port of Dunkerque, with the transport of a 140-tonne steel girder.