Pinnacle Logistics Solutions has opened an office in Edmonton, Alberta.

Left to right: Rod Cable, Willie Gavinchuk, Caleb Mero, and Frank DeVries.

Pinnacle said that Edmonton is strategically placed on the north end of the “Calgary-Edmonton Corridor”, and is well positioned to serve the petroleum producing, western Arctic, and Alaskan economic regions.

Pinnacle believes the office positions the company as a “true coast-to-coast enterprise” – with a foothold in Western Canada.

“While we have had a stake in the ground in Western Canada for a while, this opportunity cements Pinnacle as a nationwide operation,” said Aaron Gerber, principal and vice president of sales at Pinnacle.

Gerber added that the location also allows it to enhance its rail expertise, adding to its goal of being “mode-agnostic”. “This way, we can offer our clients the best solution for the problem, not the solution that aligns with their specialty (for example, a rail-focused outfit that consistently suggests a rail solution as the best solution),” he said.