February 18 - The Marseilles Fos port authority has appointed Jean-Marc Forneri as chairman, Delphine Andre as deputy chair, and backed the nomination of Christine Cabau Woehrel as chief executive officer (ceo) on the port's executive board.

The port authority backed a French transport ministry proposal nominating the Port of Dunkirk's head, Cabau Woehrel, for the role of ceo, and her appointment to the board will now be ratified by a ministerial decree.

Forneri has served on the board since it was established in 2009, while Andre is a newly appointed member of the supervisory board.

A maximum of three further executive directors will be nominated by the new ceo for approval at an impending meeting of the supervisory board.

Elsewhere in France, Jean-Philippe Laille has been re-elected president of the Council of Development for HAROPA's Port of Rouen.