February 18 - The Port of Longview has stated that in 2014 it plans to continue the redevelopment of Berth 4, as well as invest in the port's first mobile harbour crane.

The Port of Longview has also said that the port's infrastructure is in serious need of improvement so that it can continue to support operations.

In 2009 the port purchased 280 acres of undeveloped property for future expansion, and this year it has said that the master planning process for the expansion will begin.

Berth 4, which has sat idle for more than 25 years, will cost an estimated USD20 million to redevelop.

Taxes will be used towards a loan for the mobile harbour crane, which will be used for heavy lift and oversized cargo operations.

"Ports are owned by the citizens and taxes collected are an investment in the livelihood of our community. Ports are not private businesses, nor were they designed to be," said the Port of Longview in a statement.