March 21 - In a bi-annual message to its heavy lift industry clients, Belgium-based heavy lift multi-purpose contractor Sarens Group has revealed the range of recent lifting operations it has been involved in as well its acquisition of a new Canadian memb

Wim Sarens, CEO Sarens Group, says: "Since the previous newsletter, we have successfully completed the main scope of the module installations in Koniambo, thereby firmly displaying our capabilities in heavy lift and specialised transport project work.

"We also welcome our newest member to the group, Canada Crane Service, located in Nisku, Alberta and are looking forward to actively pursuing the heavy lift and specialised transport opportunities in this part of the world."

At Koniambo in New Caledonia, Sarens used 174 axle line SPMTs; two LR 1400s; a Sartower; CC 8800; CC 2800; two LR 1350; two Kobelco 250 tonne; LR 1160; LR 1200; SCX 2500; and two LR 1300s to handle 15 modules and two silos with weights between 2,000 and 3,750 tonnes. Further modular construction will be handled in the future.

Sarens currently has 120 people operating on site and has a fully equipped team and workshop for maintenance follow-up. The company implemented a new state of the art safety and environment programme with constant evaluation.

In the US, Sarens Group member Rigging International was called upon to perform emergency repairs to a Port of New Orleans container crane damaged when it collided with the superstructure of a ship berthed at one of the busiest container terminals along the Mississippi River.

In India, Sarens Asia has executed the heavy lift contract of the Dahej Gurrat, the erection of Asia's and India's biggest cracker weighing 1,390 tonnes with a length of about 125 m.

At the end of 2010, Sarens Polska assembled the largest statue of Christ worldwide. The monument is much larger than the similar one in Rio, Brazil and weighed 24 tonnes.

Other projects were handled in China, USA, India, Poland, Mexico, Lithuania, Algeria, South Africa, UK, Australia, France, Ethiopia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands and Cyprus.

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