March 13 - Germany-headquartered specialised trailer manufacturer TII Group has used the CoxExpo convention to promote its range of trailers and specialised handling equipment geared to the North American market.

The HighwayTrailer MES modular trailer is able to transport long and concentrated loads. The trailer has been reinforced and has the strongest bending moment on the market in its range, while also being the lightest, said Christopher Rimmele, press officer at TII Group.
TII Group was also promoting its HighwayGiant. "The special thing about the HighwayGiant is that it is foldable," said Rimmele. When the trailer is not in use it can be folded, loaded on a regular trailer and driven permission-free. "This saves a lot of cost," he added.
The HighwayGiant can also widen under load, in order to comply with the varying road regulations from state to state. "It is now available with power boost technology," said Rimmelle. The power pack can be attached to the trailer and will provide extra thrust by pumping oil to a hydrostatic drive system in the trailer's wheels. "This removes the need for second tractor units," Rimmele highlighted.
Once the trailer and cargo combination has reached its final destination, the HighwayGiant can be uncoupled and driven using a remote control, in a similar fashion to a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT).
This saves the need to reload cargoes onto SPMT units. "If an operator can offer transportation and onsite positioning, it can be very profitable."


The Scheuerle HighwayGiant