February 19 - The South Carolina Ports Authority reported a seven percent year-on-year increase in non-containerised cargoes transiting its gateways in January 2015, just as it confirmed a new BBC Chartering service connecting Charleston and Asia.

In January, Charleston handled 65,153 tonnes of breakbulk cargo, slightly above plan for the fiscal year. The port of Georgetown handled 14,933 tonnes, bringing the facility's fiscal year gains to 15 percent ahead of forecasts.
Meanwhile, heavy lift shipping line BBC Chartering revealed it will launched a new monthly breakbulk service connecting the Port of Charleston with the Chinese and Japanese markets. The South Carolina Ports Authority said the service would support strong market demand in North America for delivery of breakbulk cargo manufactured in China, Korea and Japan, as well as offer export opportunities from Charleston to Asia. Vessels in this service, which serves the ports of Shanghai, Masan, Kobe and Yokohama, will call the Columbus Street Terminal.
"Charleston has become a very important hub for BBC, both for imports and exports, and the Columbus Street Terminal is a first class facility for moving specialised breakbulk cargo," said Per Petersen, BBC Chartering USA president. "The port offers great connections to the backcountry both by rail and truck, with clearance necessary for transporting the complex cargos being moved in and out of the port. We have enjoyed great cooperation with SCPA personnel in order to meet BBC's needs. We expect strength in this trade lane for years to come and look forward to expanding our services in and out of the region."